WALKING ON Valentia island

Valentia Island is a real walker’s paradise and Oaklodge is at the very centre of it. Once you walk out the front door you have the choice of numerous short or long distance scenic walks. The slate quarry is only 2Km away and the Lighthouse and Tetrapod tracks are 2.5Km away. If you are feeling really energetic you can take the high road which runs along the top of the island and walk the full 7Km to Bray Head. Going in the other direction you can walk the 3Km to Glanleam House or down into Knightstown. Once you are located in Oaklodge you can take a different walk each day of the week and enjoy the truly majestic scenery that the various Valentia Island walks have to offer.

The distance from Oaklodge to some of the main local attractions are as follows:

  • 2km To the Grotto and Slate Quarry
  • 2.5 km To the Lighthouse
  • 2.5 km To the Tetrapod Tracks
  • 3.5 km To the viewing point at Fogher Cliffs
  • 6.5 km To the gates at the base of Bray Head
  • 11.5 km To walk along the top of Road, continue past the turn off for Bridge and return via Chapletown.